Cochlear Unites

Welcome all new visitors! The year of 2009 has brought many new changes to each individual's quality of life especially here in the United States where Healthcare Reform has been brought to the attention to our congressman. The purpose of a Cochlear Implant is to give hope to all that are affected by hearing loss. Whether your child, your father, spouse, or even if its you who has been affected by any type of hearing loss, thank you for taking one of the first steps to finding out whether a Cochlear Implant is right for you!

This year's main objectives of Cochlear Unites  are listed in below

  • Compile Over 30 Support Groups Contact Information and Store in One Easy Directory
  • Extend the promotion of the group to cochlear implant clients and their families.
  • Soliciting input from members to assess their current needs and their expectations of this support group.
  • Exploring the pros and cons of bilateral implantation for adults.
  • Give a voice for those who are affected by hearing loss/deafness 

And our primary objective for this website is to abolish closed minded and stubborn people in the world by showing them that the cochlear implant is not means of destroying deaf culture, and also not a way of restoring normal hearing, but instead it is a means of bridging the deaf culture with our own to give unison to both worlds and to ensure that deaf culture does indeed not fall to discrimination and/or prejudice by those people belonging to the hearing world. A fantastic story has been placed under "Cochlear Implants and Deaf Culture" that underlines the importance and usefulness of a cochlear implant to helping the deaf community.