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Chorost, Michael     Rebuilt
Author's Bio 
Michael Chorost was born with severe hearing loss because of the common epidemic called rubella that was prevalent in the sixties. After thirty-eight years of living with regular hearing aids, he lost the rest of his hearing on a business trip in California. He then decided to receive a cochlear implant shortly after the loss of his remaining hearing and described his new life in the book Rebuilt. The book itself talks mainly about his experience from a philosophical stand point to re-engineer the common definition of cyborgs and what defines humanity. Enjoy!

The rest of these were the top 8 books about cochlear implants on


Dr. Graeme Clark     Cochlear Implants: Fundamentals and Applications

This book is medically orientated mainly because it is written by the inventor of the cochlear implant Dr. Graeme Clark. It was published in 2003 by Springer.

John B. Christiansen       Cochlear Implants: Ethics and Choices   

This book focuses on the response from the parents of an implanted child, along with the children's opinions. Recommended for those interested in seeing real life experiences and opinions on how well this device works.